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GPSmyCity.com Offers an Alternative to Bus Tours

One of the most popular ways to explore a new city is the dependable tour bus ride. The relaxing journey past famous landmarks can be both educating and entertaining, and one does not need to worry about losing his way in a foreign city.

GPSmyCity, an iPhone software start-up company based in Las Vegas, is offering travel software (also known as an app) that turns an iPhone into a trusted tour guide helping visitors navigate independently and with ease through over 180 cities around the world.  GPSmyCity sets for itself the mission to turn every tourist into their own tour guide and its iPhone travel apps make bus tours obsolete. When downloading the iPhone travel app, one gets a set of self-guided walking tours through the selected city. With over 2,000 walking tours available, GPSmyCity.com is the largest travel portal of its kind. Getting lost is never an option as the app comes with detailed tour route maps and powerful navigation features using the GPS technology that guides visitor from one sight to the next with accurate turn-by-turn directions to famous attractions, monuments and interesting sights as well as hidden gems. Walking tours like 'Casanova's Venice', 'Belgian Beer Tour in Brussels', 'Ultimate Girls' Night Out in Buenos Aires', 'Romantic Fountains of Rome', 'Beijing Markets' or 'Vienna's Antique and Craft Shops' offer unique explorations of one's dream destinations.

An avid antique collector of 15th-19th century printed maps, Founder Jim Zhu, became frustrated when he couldn’t find a tour guide to steer him to antique shops and old book stores where he hunts for old maps when traveling.  It seemed to him that the majority of  bus tours or group tours are for tourists who want to visit the few popular tour sights and nothing else. He pondered for a long time about creating self-guided tours for people with special interests or hobbies as well as tours to see the popular tourist attractions.

And so in 2009, when he heard about iPhone apps, Zhu saw his chance for turning his passion into a business.  A successful entrepreneur of an internet travel business and a technology veteran who had worked in the Silicon Valley for over 15 years, Zhu decided to put his business experience, technology know-how, and his love for travel to work and GPSmyCity was born. Today GPSmyCity publishes city walk iPhone apps for over 180 cities, with new destinations being added daily.  Each of GPSmyCity's city walk apps comes with several self-guided tours including visits to popular attractions as well as off-the-beaten path sights.  For example, the Dublin app offers:

Dublin's Landmarks (10 sights)

City Orientation Tour (15 sights)

The Old Town Tour (7 sights)

Places of Worship (7 sights)

Art Galleries (9 sights)

Cultural Walk - Old Town (10 sights)

Captivating Nightlife (7 sights)

Pub Crawl in Dublin (8 sights)

Hidden Places Tour (8 sights)

Tracing the Irish Writers (8 sights)

Dublin for the Kids (7 sights)

Parks and Gardens (5 sights)

Daily Life in Dublin (7 sights)

With the average price of a tour bus ticket ranging from $30 to $50, it costs a family of four a total of $120-$200 for a couple hours of sightseeing. The GPSmyCity’s iPhone app costs just $2.99 to $4.99 per city. Visitors using iPhone apps also enjoy the convenience of being able to explore the city on their own schedule and at their own pace. In addition to the tremendous cost saving and convenience, the GPSmyCity city walk apps will often take a visitor to places where no bus tours will go. These apps do not require internet access to function, so users can use the apps in foreign countries without incurring any roaming charges which can be very expensive.

GPSmyCity's motto is “Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost”.  With the powerful navigation features, plentiful tour selections and tremendous cost saving, GPSmyCity's city walk app on iPhone is the tour guide of the future.

For more information, please visit www.gpsmycity.com  

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