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Hi Team Onyx, Coach Annie here,

Those who know me best might expect that I’ll be emailing all about post-run beers. I will have to say that there’s nothing like the relaxation of a great beer to top off an adrenaline-filled long run, so in a few moments, I’ll offer my tip on the best post-run beer.

In the meantime, I ask:


“He who has a why can endure any how.” Friedrich Nietzche 

So if you dread this week’s long run or wonder if you can keep this up till (or past) your upcoming race, consider these reasons for running, all found recently on social media. Do you recognize your own individual motivation in any of them?




"Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be." - Dr. George Sheehan



Fitness, mental health, confidence, community #ukrunchat #whyirun



"Whatever it takes, 'cause I love the adrenaline in my veins. I do what it takes." #whyirun 



Thanks to @RunningHeroesUK, I just got 8 FREE beers from @Beer52HQ! The irony of using my points to buy beer is not lost on me - #WhyIRun 




I mean who honestly gets up in the morning and say, "Hey I wanna go run 6 miles." #runners #whyirun #WhoCares #peanuts



To recall the feeling you get after a run when you're in #running shape. #NoteToSelf #IntrinsicMotivation #Content #HelloSeptember #WhyiRun 



"I run to underthink, to lose touch; to give myself a second chance to fill my day with purpose" #whyirun



“Running gets me out there in the mix, smelling the air, feeling the rain or sunshine on my skin, and getting dirty as I kick up soil or gravel onto my legs.”



And then there’s this YouTube video by Alistair Humphreys:


So just think about what keeps you running, then milk that motivation for all it’s worth!


One reason I run is simply to remove the guilt from my enjoyment of beer, including an occasional one after a race. The best post-race beer? A milk stout or wheat beer for a little extra nutritive value – or just whatever tastes best to you!

After a run, you’ll deserve it!

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