Productive Activities During a Layover

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Whether it’s a two-hour or 12-hour layover, there are plenty of things to do when you’re stuck at the airport. You got your bags checked among many other things and now you’ve got time to kill. So how do you spend it well and not waste it? Instead of the usual (creepy) people watching, there are plenty of options and activities that you can do at the terminal. You can stash away your iPod first or PDA or close those Excel sheets, unless it’s a business trip. Why are you in the airport in the first place? So relax and who says the vacation can’t start while you’re on a long layover?

First off, you can hit the gym or spa. Yes, you heard me, if you want to catch up on those lost gym sessions (because of work) there are 24-hour gyms in the airport and you only need to ask for day passes so that you can be in your best active self and get your blood flowing. Another alternative is indulging yourself in the airport’s day spa. If you don’t want the full Swedish, you can opt for a simple facial or a mani pedi. Another relaxing activity is playing online games via With its fresh online community you can meet new friends and maybe chat with them as well.

Finally, you can also use the deluxe lounges and feel extra comfortable and well taken care of. There’s a food buffet, magazines and newspapers and free Wi-Fi access (yay!). If you have more than four hours of layover, you can plan a daytrip, watch a play, visit the museums and eat some local food. Lastly, if you want to be alone from the crazy hustle and bustle, some airports have chapels or “quiet” rooms where you can pray, meditate or doze off a little. Also remember to have a little snack, you can stash some energy bars such as a Luna bar when you get hungry. 

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