Sweet Exhaust! That Goes Where?

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fuel fragrance

Peel Out Pina Colada, Rocket Cotton Candy, Rippin’ Root Beer and Groovy Grape are just a few of the fuel fragrances on the market today. In competitive sports, some racers camouflage their exhaust fumes to confuse opponents. If they can’t smell what is in your fuel, you may have the upper hand by disguising nitro with a cherry bomb aroma.

Most of us are not competing and ride without any concern over the odor of our exhaust fumes, until now. If manufacturers have anything to do with it, motorcycles will lace the streets with trails of vanilla and cinnamon vapors. Think this product is a joke? Look it up yourself. Fuel Fragrances are available online, I found several on JPCYCLES.COM. Dealers of the perfumed product assert that the additive is safe for use and it will not enhance or decrease the performance of a motorcycle.

I view this sense sensation with caution. It is like eye laser surgery. I like the idea enough but can wait until the glitches, if any, run their course. To contact Marie Payne about this and other articles, send an email to mjcammo@yahoo.com or justrydin@yahoo.com.


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