The Secret is Out! Gee, Thanks Biker Boyz.

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     No longer are motorcycle clubs underground and unrecognizable to the public. Ever since the 2003 movie Biker Boyz (starring Lawrence Fishburne) appeared on DVD, the sub-culture world of bikers by night and professions like lawyers and nurses by day has erased myths and stereotypes, in general. The bad boy, and girl, image is still related in the movie but signs of human interaction between father and son are the story’s underlining plot. 8 years later I have watched this DVD over thirty times, thanks to a Biker Boyz fanatic husband, yet each time I spot something new. Like the way when Smoke, played by Fishburne, handles his throttle at the very end of the movie but I can’t really get into it because I will give away the ending for those who did not watch the movie yet. If you have never seen Biker Boyz, rent it and if you have – watch it again.

     Submerged in deep secrecy and anti-establishment persona, alter egos disguised with character-driven names (i.e., Blade Runner, Holy Roller, T. Ball) are the motorcycle club’s claim to fame but these men and women, setting aside flashy testosterone, commit themselves to a very special brotherhood and sisterhood found exclusively in biking communities. From all walks of life, one single passion remains true; there is a genuine affection for the two and three-wheeling machine called MOTORCYCLE.

     Marie Payne is the Co-founder of Just Rydin Magazine.  If you would like to reach her regarding biking events and issues, send your emails to or visit



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