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Women Motorcycle Riders:

How Passionate Are They About their Sport?

FJRmay10NC2A new survey examined male and female bikers from the US, UK & Germany, determining how the “modern biker” (white collar, average age 48, with an assumed family) would ideally spend their time—for example, with infants or at a family Christmas.

The results from the men were no big surprise: 76% would rather spend time with women than on their bikes. Family time fared okay with men: though the overwhelming majority preferred biking to any other alternative, 32% of the participants would rather be playing with their kids and 29% would choose spending Christmas with the family.

The results from the women bikers were more surprising: they express even greater preference to biking over any other activity (85% of women would rather be biking as opposed to 74% of men), and fewer women choose family time, including time with a newborn—0% of women to 21% of men.

All About Bikes magazine online, in their LadyMoto department, looked at the survey’s comparison of men and women. “What the study magnifies is the loudening voice of the female rider. Motorcycling is the place where the glass ceilings, gender expectations and family roles disappear; there’s no negotiating, settling or compromising. Everything that happens on the road is between the rider and the machine.”

There are activities where women can rise above society’s expectations or constraints. Motorcycle riding is one of them. There is no glass ceiling on the asphalt playground!


The survey was carried out by the University of Strathclyde in cooperation with motorcycle accessories manufacturer Scottoiler. Find more at the Scottoiler web site.


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