Tuskegee Airmen M/C Ride for Boys & Girls Clubs

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     On June 4th, 2011 over one-hundred and fifty bikes participated in this year’s charity ride to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Richmond. Organizers for this annual event are the Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club of Richmond, VA. With the support of a well attended police escort, bikers gathered from near and far to ride through areas like Hillside, Creighton, and Mosby Courts. As the bikes approach, children pour onto the streets cheering on each and every rider. Adults throughout the city of Richmond, Highland Springs and Sandston join in too with whistles, peace signs and lots of waving. Community pride becomes infectious and the ride ends what feels like way to soon but thanks to the contributions of local law enforcement, motorcycle associations and independent riders there will be a next year. Come on out and applaud the riders in 2012!

     To learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond, visit www.bgcmr.org.


     Marie Cammock-Payne is the founder of Just Rydin Magazine and contributing writer for V-Magazine’s online Motorcycle Mania publication. She along with her support team of motorcycle photographers and event riders report on biker events nationwide. To contact Marie with inquiries about upcoming charity rides and bike events, send emails to justrydin@yahoo.com or mjcammo@yahoo.com.


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