Route 1, A Bizarre Ride

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There are many great Virginia roads to travel but one particular route which attracts bikers is Route 1. My husband and I, along with several friends, take this road too because it offers swooping slopes and no traffic once you leave Ashland, VA. Overall the pavement is smooth and the landscape scenic. In addition to these benefits, novice and veteran bikers can ride this route and have the same enjoyable experience. I do, however, caution you on your speed. Do not get too comfortable with the open roads, posted signs read 55 MPH once you ride through towns and the towns themselves post 45 and 30 MPH. Yet there are options. I-95 runs adjacent to it so if at any point you need to pick up the speed, you can hop on to the interstate.

One of the other perks to riding Route 1 is our regular pilgrimage to the Bizarre. We ride it to the Virginia Bizarre in Ladysmith and stop to see a bike-friendly vendor in one of their indoor booths. They sell biker gear and accessories, we are never alone in making this pit stop. Bikers from all over drop by as well to converse, purchase and show off their bikes. When you get the chance, visit CWI’s Biker’s Paradise at the Virginia Bizarre. The owners Elvis and Cherry are fantastic! For those thinking about taking the trip, the Virginia Bizarre is open Saturday and Sunday only from 9 AM - 5 PM.

So if you get a chance over the summer to ride Route 1, share your experience and send an email to or better yet contact me before your ride. Maybe we can do a meet up and ride Route 1 to the VA Bizarre together. Safe Riding!


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