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Kenya’s Adventure Travel Options For Travelers Who Seek More Active Pursuits

Ride KenyaNAIROBI, Kenya—Kenya is a “bucket list” destination for many travelers who dream of journeying to this unique part of Africa to experience its landscape and amazing wildlife. Kenya travel experts such as Bush and Beyond have identified several Kenya travel trends for 2011, including the fact that many travelers are looking for more adventurous pursuits while traveling to Kenya. Kenya travelers now have adventure travel options that take them beyond the inside of a safari vehicle, such as these exciting and more active options:

Saddle Up In Kenya

A program called Ride Kenya offers travelers the chance to go on a 2-14 day horseback riding safari near the Chyulu Hills in Southern Kenya giving them closer access to wildlife and stunning views. The horseback riding safaris take place over 300,000 acres of wilderness that afford travelers view of Mount Kilimanjaro in addition to wildlife sightings of Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo, zebra, while offering a personal glimpse of the fascinating local culture.

‘Walking Wild’ In Masaai-land

'Walking Wild' in Laikipia Masaai-land is a walking safari experience in some of Kenya’s best wildlife-viewing habitats. Guests are treated to sightings of a wide variety of game including the "Big Five", over 420 species of birds, and animals such as the reticulated giraffe, cheetah, and others. Professional guides lead the 3- to 6-day Walking Wild safaris starting on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, recognized as one of Africa's top safari destinations. Guests have an unforgettable safari experience and camp under the stars while learning about the area’s ecosystems and the local Masaai culture. Other highlights include learning tracking techniques and other vital bush skills. Laikipiak Masai will join the guests to give insight into Masaai customs.

Take A Camel Assisted Walking Safari

Sarara Camp, a tented camp located in the Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust of Northern Kenya, offers tailor-made, camel-assisted walking safaris in the Mathews Mountain range of Northern Kenya. Guests get “off the beaten track”, giving them an opportunity to explore areas that are rarely seen by tourists. Travelers enjoy intimate insight into the conservancy while exploring Samburu tribal grazing lands on foot. A camel-assisted walking safari is the ideal means of travel. Free of the constraints of a vehicle, guests have flexibility and freedom that allows them to explore untouched areas. The camels do all of the heavy lifting and carry the supplies and equipment required to camp comfortably in the bush. Guests move from camp to camp by foot, following traditional game trails, as well as Samburu livestock trails. This kind of safari also offers a great alternative to flying between luxury camps, saving on the cost of the flight and spending a few days exploring the land in between destinations.


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