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EDITOR'S UPDATE: Myrtle Beach, SC tells us that the motorcycle helmet law was repealed last May. We'd love a report from any riders who venture to Myrtle Beach. Tell us if you felt welcome, and if you recommend the destination to other bikers! {jcomments on}

Myrtle Beach South Carolina hosted many biker rallies but over the years the relationship between Myrtle Beach and bikers has diminished. Motorcyclists were returning to their home states complaining about the way they were treated. In the past, helmets were not required but new restrictions began to apply and helmets had to be worn in the city. With this new law in place, many unsuspecting riders were immediately fined. Out-of-state motorcyclists blogged online of how they felt unappreciated as paying patrons at hotels and restaurants. Biker networking is tight so many decided that if those who went and supported the state with money will not go back, why should I?

Tourism is an important source of revenue for Myrtle Beach and for bikers who live closer to S.C. than to Florida the location is ideal. So, will there be a compromise? Maybe. In 2008-2009 the city of Myrtle Beach released regulations which included a helmet ordinance that mandates all bikers to wear helmets in the city limits. However, according to, that law was ruled unconstitutional and has since been overturned unless you are a rider or passenger under the age of 21. See the Myrtle Beach web site for more motorcycle beach related laws.

My goal is to visit Myrtle Beach this year with family and friends with our bikes in May 2011. If we go, I will be sure to share our experience with V readers. Watch out Myrtle Beach, here we come!

Marie Cammock-Payne is Editor & Publisher for Just Rydin.  She and her husband team support novice riders on motorcycle tours.  To contact Marie, send your email inquiries to



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