Monument Avenue 10k 2011

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Our Next Big Race & Two Great Training Groups

Named by USA Today as one of the best running races in the country, Richmond’s Monument Avenue 10k is accepting registrations for the 2011 race on April 2.

The big RVA event is as much like a party as a race. As participants walk or run up and down Monument Avenue to Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park, they are cheered on along the way by throngs of supporters, from curious spectators to somebody’s family to young cheerleading teams to high-energy bands.

Despite the huge number of participants—40,000 in 2010—the event runs smoothly, with professional running chips for recording times and professional photos by Brightroom. Runners come from all over to take part, including professional competitors (the 2009 winner was from Ethiopia, running in 28:26) and motivated walkers.

The Richmond YMCA provides a guided, motivating training team to help walkers and runners prepare for the race. The Y group runs, held each Saturday morning from January 22, 2011, at Y’s throughout the greater Richmond area, are especially helpful for those who have never run a race, or those who simply want a little camaraderie and accountability.

For those runners who want to really pick up the pace, the Richmond Road Runners provides an advanced training team, meeting on Saturday mornings and Wednesdays at 6 in the afternoon. Participants in the advanced team must have finished a 10k in 57 minutes or faster and want to complete an upcoming 10k in 55 minutes or faster.

The Y Training Team helped me run my first race in 2007, helping me to reach my goal of running the 6.2 miles in under an hour. However, I wasn't among the top 100 in my age group, 45-49, and didn't get listed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch Sunday race coverage. The next year, the team helped me better my time, and I made the top 100.

This year, I'm stepping up to the advanced training team. I trained with one of this team's leaders for the November half marathon in Richmond, and appreciated his wise and enthusiastic leadership. I also got great reviews of the team from some who have been down that road. Now I've gone up into a new age bracket, and hope to pick up my pace. Perhaps I can be in the top 10!

2010 Monument Avenue 10k registration closed early when it reached capacity, so don’t wait too long to sign up!



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