International Female Ride Day, 2011!

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International Female Ride Day! What is it, who does it and why have it?

All good questions so here we go! Each year women around the world share one day to ride in unity. The month is May. The day, well it tends to fall on a Friday. Last year the international ride popped up on Friday May 7th, 2010. Several women riders in Central VA heard about the event and decided to gather on Hull Street and Turner Road, in 2010. All nine riders, including two really great guys, rode from Chesterfield to Tappahannock. With ambitions of doing it again in 2011, interested participants are encouraged to join the international festivities in Virginia on a Saturday instead - May 6, 2011. This way more of us who want to attend, without interrupting a hectic work week schedule, can.

International Female Ride Day was conceived by an active online motorcycle community for women called MOTORESS. The MOTORESS founder, Vicki Gray, is a “motorcycle racer, instructor, coach and columnist.” Globally connecting women riders is clearly her passion and mission. Women from Europe, Australia, Africa, India, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas are creating a worldwide event for all to enjoy. So, are you in? Whether you come to ride or cheer, and who does not like a good cheer you on crowd, your support will put Virginia in the international mix of it.

May 6th, 2011 is International Female Ride Day in Central VA! Stay posted for a departure place and time on V-Magazine’s Motorcycle Mania section. Want to create a blog spot for May 7th 2011 IFRD in VA? Post your comments, suggestions or questions on Facebook; search “Mc Payne” and let’s get in gear for next year!

Just Rydin, Editor              

Marie Cammock Payne

2011 IFRD in VA blog spot, Facebook search: “Mc Payne”


** Update:  Richmond's participation in this years 2011 International Female Day Ride falls on Friday, May 6, 2011. 

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