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Family Travel “Insider’s Tips” from TRAVEL LEADERS

Tips Offered to Ensure Traveling with Kids is Enjoyable and Hassle-Free

School is out for the summer and many families will take part in what’s become a summer right of passage, the family vacation. Today, America’s Travel Leaders are offering their top “Insider’s Tips” for family travel.

“‘Be Prepared’ isn’t just the Boy Scouts’ venerable motto, it’s the number one family travel tip from Travel Leaders coast-to-coast and is essential when traveling with kids,” stated Roger E. Block, CTC, President of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. “No matter if you’re getting ready to fly the family across the country or plan to pack them in the car to drive to a resort, Travel Leaders offers sound advice for every type of family vacation, and we’re ready to help with them all.” Read on for plenty of great tips:




“Always have a plan. Know what you’re doing, where you are going to eat, and how long will you be there. Involving the children in the planning will help keep their expectations realistic.”  Hugh “Flip” Himmelreich (Travel Leaders, Spokane, WA)

“Inoculations should be up-to-date, passports at the ready, travel light, layering always works, and keep medicines with you at all times. Have them labeled and easily accessible.”  Elena Pelsinger (Travel Leaders, Houston, TX)

Elena’s counterpart in Houston agrees: “Have medical information such as shot dates, prescriptions, names of doctors with you while traveling.”  Mike Weingart (Travel Leaders, Houston, TX)

“Consider renting a condominium. A high percentage of the family trips we plan to a single destination (particularly to places like Mexico and Hawaii) involve staying in condos, especially for families with younger children. You caneat what you want, when you want, and it is less expensive than eating at restaurants all the time. Plus, everyone doesn’t have to eat at the same time.  Furthermore, there isn’t a dress code. So, you can have your cup of coffee or yogurt on the deck in your swimsuit. Another big plus is having separate bedrooms (with doors) from a living area. The result is simply a more relaxed time, for everyone.”  Bob Lohmer (Travel Leaders, Stillwater, MN)

“Choose a destination that will have an appeal for multi-generational family groups and then plan something very special as a ‘memory maker.’ Take a hula lesson together, visit a landmark together and have a picture taken, or have a very special dress-up dinner night. Make these a tradition and something in which everyone can participate.”  Linda Jenkins (Travel Leaders, Fort Wayne, IN)

“Check out the ‘kids programs’ in advance. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. As a rule family-oriented suppliers do a better job. Imagine your disappointment when you’re handed a plastic shovel, bucket and a logo cap and told ‘it is off-season so there is no formal program’ and to enjoy your vacation.”  Hugh “Flip” Himmelreich (Travel Leaders, Spokane, WA)



“When my children were little, I used to pack an entire outfit into one baggie (socks, underwear, matching shirts and pants). That way they could pick a baggie of their choice and I knew that everything coordinated.”  Laurie Johnsrud (Travel Leaders, Rochester, MN)

“Bring your own car seat. Your child can sit in it on the plane and be more comfortable and once you get to your destination you don’t have to rent one, or hope they have one – plus this way you know your child will fit properly.”  Cindy Facklam (Travel Leaders, Chippewa Falls, WI)

“Bring your child’s favorite toy along – assuming it’s packable. Also, bring along light-weight reading materials.”  Mike Weingart (Travel Leaders, Houston, TX)



“Set the pace for the youngest, but try to do something everyone can enjoy.”  Hugh “Flip” Himmelreich (Travel Leaders, Spokane, WA)

“Let the kids pick a restaurant – give them two or three choices all of which are acceptable. Have one major activity each day specifically for the children. Also, give them a daily ‘allowance’ for shopping, souvenirs, etc. Let them know that if they choose not to spend it immediately, they’ll have more to spend in the coming days.”  Mike Weingart (Travel Leaders, Houston, TX)



“Take it easy. Family vacations, by definition, can be chaotic. Plan your days and choose activities to allow for some down time for the entire family; it will make for a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation.”  Linda Jenkins (Travel Leaders, Fort Wayne, IN)

“Remember ‘Happy kids. Happy parents.’ If your children aren’t having a good, you won’t either.” Hugh “Flip” Himmelreich (Travel Leaders, Spokane, WA)


Travel Leaders experts nationwide are happy to offer even more tips and assist any traveler in creating a uniquely-tailored travel experience. When your journey includes us, you travel better.  To find the Travel Leaders location nearest you, go to or call 1.888.206.TRIP (8747).

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