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Appalachian Trail AdventuresEmily Kimball, owner of Make It Happen! has published Appalachian Trail Stories and Other Adventures: Living Your Dreams at 60 and Beyond.

This book features stories from her thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail completed at age 70, hiking excursions in the High Sierras at age 76 and an Elderhostel wilderness canoe trip on the Allagash River in Maine at age 78.  Kimball speaks nationally on Creative Aging, Taking Risks and Making Dreams Happen.

She overcame many obstacles and set-backs to make these exciting adventures happen.  Her writings encourage others to move on after failure, and continue to achieve dreams they put on hold in the busy middle years.  Kimball sees retirement as a time for new explorations, and a chance to make your dreams happen. 

It is a time to get in shape, eat healthily and establish a regular exercise routine, so that we can enjoy the extra 20 or 30 years we now live.


Copies of Emily Kimball's book, Appalachian Trail Stories and Other Adventures, are available by mailing a check for $14 to Make It Happen!, 3220A W. Grace St., Richmond, VA.  Address questions to or 804-358-5536. Learn more about Emily at www.TheAgingAdventurer.



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